Ms. Mary Baker
Virtual Event Producer/Director
Secor Strategies, LLC

Ms. Mary Baker
, a Virtual Event Producer/Director, is best known as the co-creator and developer of NewExpos, a Virtual  Conference/Expo/Multi Session Event platform. Moreover, throughout her career she has been creating virtual events for NASA, the Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and STEMgrants Bootcamp which she co-founded back in 2009.

Also in 2009, Ms. Baker became the coordinator for the NASA Minority Innovations Challenges Institute, where she has been in charge of marketing and producing more than 80 virtual sessions for NASA technology- based challenges.  In this capacity, she brought together Challenge organizers from NASA Centers, and students from more than 380 universities across the US, to immerse these students in
real-world engineering experiences.

In 2014, she was named Florida Chairperson for the American Grant Writers Association, and plans on utilizing her expertise in Virtual Events to educate more non-profit leaders, faculty, and engineers on available state and federal grant programs nationwide.  Ms. Baker graduated from Florida State University.