The Museum of Science has always taken great pride on being on the cutting edge when it comes to both Education and Technology.  In this spirit, we are pleased to announce that we are hosting a very innovative event – The Virtual E Conference.  Educators are often working in organizations faced with budget cuts, limited travel funds, and constraints on providing employees extended “time away” for professional development.  The Virtual E Conference takes this issue head on by making both geography and travel irrelevant.

The United States is at a critical juncture.  In order to remain competitive in the global economy, we need to attract and retain the next generation of engineers.  That next generation is comprised of the students in k-12 classrooms today. Unfortunately, while “Engineering” is frequently listed as a part of the STEM education efforts, it is largely absent from many K-12 curricula and education programs.  The Virtual “E” Conference is all about putting Engineering back into STEM where it belongs!


The Conference has a series of presentations, just like physical conference!

As a registrant, you can:
* Participate from the ease of their office, school, or home by logging on from their computer.

* Access sessions which feature full audio/video of the speaker, side by side powerpoint, and other multi-media such as: video, interactive polling, whiteboards, etc.

* Ask questions to the presenter(s) via text chat, and get real-time answers

* Immediately download a copy of the powerpoint presentation to your computer.  How many times have you give your business card to a conference presenter hoping they would send you a copy?  With this event, you can automatically get a copy at the presentation at the end of each session.

* Get access to recordings of each session aftewards.  Physical conferences usually charge extra $ for this.  We know educators are on tight budgets so we include it for free!

The Conference has a virtual expo, just like a physical conference!

As a registrant, you can:
* Visit virtual expo booths featuring: speakers from that day, non-profit organizations which offer free STEM programs available for you to replicate at your organization, and vendors which have unique and innovative STEM Education products

* When visiting these booths you can download brochures, instructional materials, and other information.  You can also get contact information and watch videos about the organization staffing the booth.

* While inside you can also publicly text chat with the booth owner and other attendees to interact, network, and learn more.

* MOST IMPORTANTLY –> You can engage in a private one-on-one webcam chat with the booth owner.  This gives you the chance to meet face-to-face to ask important questions that are relevant to you and your organization, and personally connect with the people you want to meet.